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Phil has been shooting interiors and exteriors for well over 30 years. This includes photography, video production and drone photography.

Philip Wegener Photography and Video


Professional Photographer with 30 years experience serving Colorado and beyond.

philip wegener.

philip wegener.

philip wegener.

philip wegener.

Denver Architectural Photographer

Trust your Photographer. Hire the Best.

Philip Wegener Photography and Video located in Denver, near Boulder provides professional photo services with experience. Commercial drone photography. Residential aerial photo and video. We have decades of experience in high-end photography, from real estate and commercial corporate videography, to custom photo touch-ups for residential. We were shooting drone footage and aerial photo and videography before the DSLR camera entered the main stream. Years of experience in interior photography, and exterior shots from the air have crafted a local, Colorado Front Range experience that delivers the highest quality video and photo experience anywhere near the Denver and Boulder area.

Aerial Drone & Commercial Video

We provide services for anyone in need of professional photography and video and. This includes time lapse photography, videos for websites, photography for real estate listings in both the residential and commercial space.

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Philip Wegener

Photography and Video
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View our Denver Architecture and Boulder Aerial Photography

With 20 years of photography experience, being local, and years working with all types of clients, Phil knows that technology has greatly improved the ability to capture video and aerial shots that weren’t previously available. He offers clients professional services and has invested in state of the art drone photo and video equipment. Phil Wegener has experience using the latest technology to make the most of video production with aerial drone photography. With this amazing addition to his already top-rated photography, he can use the aerial drone to record video of absolutely stunning views for his client's property.

Architecture Photography Projects

I bet you can't imagine a more perfect way to capture the beauty of architecture than with these amazing photography projects. A professional photographer will take your picture, and then post-production magic is done in order for them blend seamlessly into their surroundings without being noticed or disrupting anything around it; this includes making sure there are no objects within range where we might think something was photographed when really nothing happened at all!

Commercial and residential real estate

The real estate market has been stable over the last few years, but it's not uncommon for there to be fluctuations in values. Good photography is essential to help you stand out in a crowded field.