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Philip Wegener Photography and Video located in Boulder provides professional photo services to the Front Range of Colorado and beyond. Philip has been a photographer for over 30 years capturing images from high end architecture, real estate to commercial corporate videos!

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Architectural Photography

Architectural photographers near Denver are responsible for taking high-quality, professional photographs that are used in brochures and online. The goal is usually to publish them as well so their work can reach a wide audience.A person who specializes in architectural photography works closely with architects on projects from beginning stages all the way through construction. They must take photos at every stage - before anything starts building up walls or floors just like how you would tell someone about yourself when meeting face-to face!  

Interior Design and Luxury Interior Photographers near Denver

The art of interior photography is not an easy one. The right light, the perfect angle - everything must be just so in order to successfully photograph a space with style and class! Working tirelessly for top designers from across the world including Philip Wegener himself are talented photographers who make sure each shot IS masterful-so read on as you enjoy these beautifully captured interiors by some amazing people whose craft we're incredibly proud they've mastered!

Real Estate Drone Photography for Interior Designers and Real Estate Agents near Boulder

One of the most common real estate drone photography work scenarios is when a professional photographer or videographer takes aerial footage for use in marketing materials. These photos help make properties more appealing, especially if they are showing off homes with big yards and expansive landscapes that cannot be seen from ground level. Aerial shots can capture amazing views not available anywhere else!

Aerial Drone photographer near Denver for Commercial Architecture

A commercial shoot is an opportunity for photographers to work in a variety of different environments. Aerial photography, interior and exterior shots as well as dawn/dusk photos are common among these shoots due the fact that they capture elements like architecture or design on specific buildings at their best times before light changes too drastically during day time hours (which actually allows you get more natural looking pictures).

Denver Architectural Photographer

Commercial photography is a form of art that can be used to sell or promote anything. It's not just for products, though--lifestyle and even fashion photos are also common in this genre! A professional commercial photographer will know how each type should look when it comes time to showcase your business' best assets on its product pages so you're sure they'll come out looking their very best - no matter what kind of company we're talking about here: whether it’s clothing lines targeting younger audiences; coffee shops serving high quality drinks alongside delicious sweets written by award-winning pastry chefs who were educated locally but work all over the world...whatever niche your small businesses fits into will dictate exactly which style works best

The Best Photographer near Denver

Architectural photography is the sub genre of photography that captures buildings and similar architectural structures with both aesthetically pleasing features, as well as accurate representations.

Frequent Questions for architectural photographer near Denver & Boulder

How much does an architectural photographer cost?

Construction photography is an investment. It's not just about getting the perfect shot, but also what you do with that image afterwards to make it worth someone else’s while-and your own! As a professional builder or designer who takes pictures on site every day for their work - I know this all too well. The average cost of hourly construction rate can range anywhere from $175-$500 depending upon photographer requirements like aerial drone shots (which are usually priced at 150%).

What is considered architectural photography?

Architectural photography is the sub genre of a wide range of disciplines where buildings and other architectural structures are captured for both aesthetically pleasing shots as well as being accurate representations.

Where does an architectural photographer work?

You can focus on particular details that display interesting aspects within the structure or take wide shots to show its whole backdrop. Many architectural photographers work with real estate agents, resorts and hotels--or even for publications like magazines!

How do you take architectural photography?

What do you need for architectural photography? Here is a complete list of the equipment needed to take great photos, from tilt shift lenses and panoramas head all the way down to an Adobe Photoshop license.

View our Denver Architecture and Boulder Aerial Photography

With 20 years of photography experience, being local, and years working with all types of clients, Phil knows that technology has greatly improved the ability to capture video and aerial shots that weren’t previously available. He offers clients professional services and has invested in state of the art drone photo and video equipment. Phil Wegener has experience using the latest technology to make the most of video production with aerial drone photography. With this amazing addition to his already top-rated photography, he can use the aerial drone to record video of absolutely stunning views for his client's property.

Architecture Photography Projects

The right light is essential to every photograph, no matter the subcategory. In architecture photography you can add drama and obscure details while flattering lines are achieved with just the perfect amount of romantic evening sunlight streaming through old windowsills at sunset or morning fog creeping across an abandoned streetlight in Denver's Landmark Center Historic Districts

Commercial and residential real estate

The real estate market has been stable over the last few years, but it's not uncommon for there to be fluctuations in values. Good photography is essential to help you stand out in a crowded field.