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Architectural Photographic Services

Aerial Drone Photography

Drone photography helps capture the best angles of your property. Still images and video up to 4K resolution. Philip is a certified FAA Part 107 drone pilot.

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Interior Design Photography

We take the design of your space and make something greater from it with professional interior photos.

Interior Photography →

Architecture Exterior Photography & Video

Architectural photos of residential homes and commercial buildings.

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Luxury Real Estate Photos

Real estate photography is more than just photographs of a home. It is capturing an image that will draw potential buyers in to that home.

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Denver Architectural Photographer

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Philip Wegener Photography and Video located in Denver, near Boulder provides professional photo services with experience. Commercial drone photography. Residential aerial photo and video. We have decades of experience in high-end photography, from real estate and commercial corporate videography, to custom photo touch-ups for residential. We were shooting drone footage and aerial photo and videography before the DSLR camera entered the main stream. Years of experience in interior photography, and exterior shots from the air have crafted a local, Colorado Front Range experience that delivers the highest quality video and photo experience anywhere near the Denver and Boulder area.

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Philip Wegener

Photography and Video
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Philip Wegener Photography and Video

Philip Wegener is a high-end, photographer and videographer. Philip Wegener has completed all types of projects, including: construction drone aerials, time lapse sequences for local folder companies, as well as helping out Realtors who were in a tight spot when other "professionals" needed a real pro with more expertise in the commercial and residential real estate and property space.

Photo & Video Services We offer

Commercial Photography

  • Commercial Drone Photography
  • Commercial Aerial Photographs
  • Construction Photography
  • Demolition & Deconstruction Photography

It is no secret that photos can tell a story. Especially when it comes to the way we want our customers and clients feel about themselves, or their business ran from start-to-finish! They're great for marketing yourself as well because who doesn't love looking at pictures of themselves?

You'll find here everything you need:  From headshots all over Denver near Boulder in order just showcase what makes them special (and maybe get someone else hooked), fashion shots galore which break up time between jobs with some much needed fun - not mention group photography sessions if working together on an event.

Residential Photography

  • Residential Drone Photography
  • Residential Aerial Photographer
  • Real Estate Photography
  • Home For Sale Photos

Commercial Video & Videography

  • Commercial Drone Videography
  • Construction Aerial Video

Residential Videography & Video

  • Residential Aerial Video
  • Real Estate Photography
  • Home for Sale Video

Locations & Markets that we Serve

  • Denver's Best Photographer and Video
  • Boulder Top Photographer
  • Aurora Drone Construction Photo
  • Castle Rock Aerial Photography

Whenever you need a friendly face to help with your project, contact our team. We're ready and willing in Denver!