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Quicktime Virtual Reality (QTVR) and how it works

When you first click on a link for a QTVR you should see the QTVR symbol appear. If you just get a grey screen or nothing happens, try clicking your refresh/reload button on your browser. Be patient. Although these load much faster than a movie, they still are larger than a single picture.

When the image loads, usually under a minute, position your cursor on the picture, then click and drag. The cursor will change to an arrow when you move any direction. You can change the direction and speed by dragging in that direction.

To zoom in push your "shift" button or the minus (-) button on the movie window. To zoom out push your "control" button or the plus (+) on the movie window.

Please note, you need Quicktime to view these virtual realities. To update your Quicktime player please click here

Don't have Quicktime? try this Java Tour. Java runs on most computer without having to download a new program.

To see more Panoramas, mostly travel & out doors, click here

To view the 360 Virtual Tours page of Parrish Construction, Boulder, Colorado.

Several Quicktime tours for Keller Homes, Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Warning, there are many tours on this page that will all be auto scrolling until you put your mouse on the image.

The Tower Model by Harvard Commmunities, Stapleton Denver Colorado.

The Caliente by Touchstone Homes, Stapleton Denver Colorado.

Gregg Homes Denver.

Home theater by Custom Quality Construction
303-543-9963. Go to


Academy View in Monument, Colorado

To see recent work for Engle Homes, click here. These are "Cubic" VR Tours. You can "Look" up and down in addition to left & right.

Another Cubic, Amante Coffee,
in Boulder on N. Broadway. Please note, this Tour is 900 Kilobytes. Dial-up might take a few seconds. By Melton Construction, 303-473-9542. To see more go to www.meltonconstruction.com

A Boulder remodel by Parrish Construction Company
303-652-2668. Go to


Wonderland Homes in Lafayette, Colorado

Greybridge Homes by Olson Architecture
303-652-2668. To see more go to


Remodel by Melton Construction, Colorado, Boulder, CO, 303-473-9542.

H&H Builders and Doug Walter Architects, remodeled basement in Lodo, Denver, Colorado

Remodel by Melton Construction, Colorado, Boulder, CO, 303-473-9542.

Doug Walter Architects, remodeled residence, Greeley, Colorado

Brown Palace Hotel Lobby, Denver, Colorado

Buddhist Meditation Room, Boulder, Colorado

Sea Grass Villa, Virgin Islands

Plumeria Villa, Virgin Islands

TiMoune Villa, Virgin Islands


To see more VR Tours in the US Virgin Islands please visit...

More Panoramas, click here